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Ecopelag and Baltic Sea Factory processing room built up

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As part of the Baltic MUPPETS investments, Ecopelag and Baltic Sea Factory have build up a new processing facility to process the small Baltic Sea Mussels.

Renovations of the Baltic Sea Factory included construction of new interior walls, a new drainage trench, floor covering, a chimney outlet, laying of electrical cables, plumbing and electrical cabinets. This was all completed during Spring 2023. The facility also installed a mussel cooker and meat-shell separation line, which are specifically designed for the small Baltic Sea blue mussels with a size of 1-4 cm compared to conventional 4-8 cm mussels. The separated mussel meats can also be dried, freeze dried and ground to mussel meal.

The processing line has been piloted and can be used for product manufacturing and development. This marks an important milestone for the project, as the facilities are a key part of demonstrating the possibility of scaling up small mussel processing. The newly renovated Baltic Sea Factory will be officially inaugurated this spring.

Take a look at the video below to follow the renovations and installations, and read the report here!

UPDATE: The report is now available to read here.