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Charting Progress: Baltic MUPPETS at the One-Year Mark
The inaugural year of the project has concluded! Over the last twelve months mussel farming activities...
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Grobruket Joins Baltic MUPPETS Consortium to Drive Sustainable InnovationĀ 
Grobruket joins Baltic MUPPETS Consortium to find circular solutions for mussel side-streams for horticulture....
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Insights and Updates from the Field: Status of Submerged Mussel Farm in Denmark
Baltic Muppets partners Wittrup Seafood and Blue Research have been busy with the production and installment...
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Digital Tools for Supporting Mussel Farming
Another successful meeting of the SUBMARINER Mussel Working Group took place on June 06, 2023. The session...
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The Mussel Working Group's first session of the year
Share and connect to boost the mussel sector in the Baltic Sea Region. The first session of the year...
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