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Baltic MUPPETS works on three tangible business cases in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Each case has its own particularities, production capacity, experience, vision, market presence, and all are representative aquaculture farms.

Wittrup Seafood A/S (WIS) – Denmark

WIS is a well-established company that produces, processes, and sells blue mussels to consolidated markets in France, BENELUX, Germany, and Scandinavia, these are mainly commercialised to wholesale, supermarkets, and catering.

Yearly, WIS produces about 4000 t of mussels. The company is mainly self-sufficient in mussels owning several mussels’ operations with long-line systems in the Limfjord and on the East Coast of Jutland. More recently, a new part of the company also provides services to habitat restoration projects, and they are looking for market opportunities for small unutilised mussels.

kiel meeresfarm

Kieler Meeresfarm (KMF) - Germany

As the first of its kind, KMF has established an integrated production site for mussels, algae, and fish in the German Baltic Sea. They have managed to balance the system regarding nutrients, as algae and mussels counteract the nutrient input from the fish feed. Additionally, the farm serves as a point of research and examination of various questions concerning the integration of different trophic levels within combined aquaculture. KMF maintains a continuous effort to share experiences and knowledge with society by providing talks and tours of the farm to schools, travel groups, and generally interested people.


Founded in 2015, the association Ecopelag is a not-for-profit and is driven by the vision of speeding the Baltic Sea recovery and ensuring sustainable use of its resources through innovation and concrete measures. Their business scheme is based on support and donations (private companies) in exchange for delivered ecosystem services (nutrient reduction, eutrophication abatement). Ecopelag is looking to create a self-sustaining economy around mussel farming, for this, they will introduce a second revenue stream based on marketing small mussels to premium pet food for the Scandinavian markets.

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