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The Baltic MUPPETS project consists of 7 Work Packages covering the entire mussel supply chain, from production to product development and marketing, as well as strategies for business scale-up.

Below is a brief description of the main activities carried out in each Work Package (WP).

WP1 – Market Analysis & Business Models

Lead Partner: Coastal Research & Management | KMF, UTARTU, BLR

– Develop a market analysis for small mussels and mussel powder for feed and pet food.

– Elaborate two business cases:

  • Industrial mussel production and processing of mussels for pet food in the Central Baltic.
  • Industrial mussel farming in the Western Baltic, where small mussels are exported to the Swedish site, to secure critical mass for processing.

– Compile a report on the regulation of mussel production and the use of mussels as feed.

– Development of digital maps as a business tool for area planning and site selection for new mussel farms.

– Elaborate on a report on the sustainability of mussel farming and the production of pet food, and the value of ecosystem services from mussel farming.

WP2 – Mussels Farming


– Deployment of mussel farms: 

  • Identification of suitable sites, permit applications, deployment, and knowledge sharing of submerged farming techniques, 

– Develop and implement harvest and monitoring solutions:  

  • Innovative new techniques and/or improved techniques to increase cost efficiency, bulk storage solutions, and digital solutions for remote monitoring of farming sites.  

– Development of production manuals for submerged mussel farms.  

– Implementation of feed safety legislation control/permits connected to farming locations.

WP3 – Mussel Processing & Logistics


– Development and optimisation of a production line.

  • Procurement, installation, testing, and permit approval of complete mussel meal line including shell and mussel meat separator, drying, and grinding.

– Implementation of a transport system for harvested mussels.

  • Internal system for transporting/pumping mussels within the factory between bulk storage process lines

– Valorisation of mussels’ waste and shells. 

  • Hygienisation/controlled composting process for the valorisation of mussels’ waste (linked to WP4).
  • Evaluation of valorization possibilities for mussel shells (e.g. garden fertilizer, health care products).

– Evaluation of the nutritional value of small mussels, isolation and extraction technique for mussel meat and shell. 

WP4 – Pet Food Product Development, Validation & marketing

Lead Partner: Kieler Meeres Farm | ECO, BSF, GBR, KMF, CAU, 

– Consumer product development

  • Improve and refine the existing recipes for cat and dog feed.
  • Compose garden fertilizer products based on mussel shells.

– End-product review

  • Determine the nutritional content and storage stability of developed products.

– Identify and evaluate contract manufacturers for the developed products. 

– Sales and marketing strategies

  • Identify end products and launch strategies to maximize sales.
  • Explore possibilities to introduce products to markets.

– Certification and labeling

  • Identify possibilities of EU-Organic Certification of ingredients and end-products.
  • Explore possibilities of external labels for more customer transparency.

WP5 – Third part-financing

Lead Partner: F6S | SUB, SEA, ECO, CRM 

– Test solutions and optimise technology in collaboration with third-parties to support the future sustainability of mussel farming businesses, through a:

  • Innovation Call with a total budget of 100.000 EUR for startups and SMEs surrounding the mussel feed value chains and sustainable business strategies to foster: testing and piloting activities, market replication, product validation, market study, and business strategy to promote future sustainability and exploitability of Baltic MUPPETS results. 

WP6 – Communication & Community of Practice (CoP)

Lead Partner: SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG | F6S, CAU, SEA, GBR, WIS, BLR, CRM, GBK  

– Communication and dissemination activities. 

– Organise four business events with a focus on marketing strategies for innovative Baltic MUPPETS products.

– Promote activities within the SUBMARINER Mussels Working Group, physical workshops, and online meetings. The Mussels Working Group is hosted on the BlueBioMatch

– Manage the online community platform BlueBioMatch

  • Groups & topic spaces
  • Event management
  • Entrepreneurs, company, project database
  • Mentors

– Develop a Sustainability and Exploitation Plan. 

– Organise study visits and the project’s final conference.