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Deliverables are uploaded continuously during the project. Only public deliverables are displayed.

WP 1 Prepare market and sustainable business for scale-up

1.1 Business and investment plan
1.2 Report on the implementation of the business investments belonging to the portfolio
1.3 Assessment of the market readiness
1.4 List of the remaining bottlenecks
1.5 Report on the sustainability of mussel farming and production of pet food, and on the value of ecosystem services
1.6 Report on regulation of mussel production and use of produced mussels as feed. 
1.7 Report on digital maps

WP 2 Mussel farming

2.1 Report on the deployment of two full-scale mussel fams
2.2 Two site specific production manuals
2.3 Report on data-management system for mussel production that supports the mussel producer and optimizes mussel production
2.4 Report on the development of concrete blocks that increase the biodiversity in a mussel farm
2.5 Report on tested pipe-end
2.6 Report on tested rope-cutter
2.7 Report on optimized harvest system

WP 3 Mussel processing and logistics

3.1 Report on the production line
3.2 Report on the hygienization process
3.3 Evaluation report on plant experiment results
3.4 Report on the mussel transportation system

WP 4 Product development validation & marketing

4.4 Report on certification and labelling

WP 5 Third-party financing

5.1 Innovation call documents Kit
5.2 Report on the implementation of the FSTP call

WP 6 Communication, dissemination & exploitation of results

6.2 Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results
6.3 Knowledge and Data Management Plan
6.8 Report on the communication material for submerged mussel farming in DK
6.9 Updated Knowledge Data Management Plan
6.10 IPR Management & Exploitation Plan