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Baltic Sea Factory opening!

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On the 16th of May, Ecopelag and the Baltic Sea Factory officially opened the new facilities and processing room!

More than 50 people attended the celebration in Västervik, Sweden. It was held in the new facilities, and a band of mussel rope was cut (easier said than done!) together with Harald Hjalmarsson from the Västervik municipality.

Photo credit: Sofia Modig, Apotea.

The processing line is unique in its adaptions to process small Baltic Sea blue mussels, and it will provide a unique possibility to scale up the processing and development of new products, such as the dog treats developed within Baltic MUPPETS.

One important part is the meat-shell separator, which makes it possible to create valuable products from both the mussel meat and the shells. In the project, the shells are sent to Grobruket to be made into fertilizer.

Photo credit: Sofia Modig, Apotea.

You can read more about the inaguration in the local newspaper:

Also, read more about the processing room here: